fuck the algorithm, the for you feed,
everything i see and the criteria for how ya pick em
fuck the algorithm, i posted this a few
moments ago but its finna take a couple hours to hit em,
fuck the algorithm, witness the manifestation
of the second anal hole that i am out to rip em
fuck the algorithm, if a shit was human i
would tell that stupid bitch to run cause i’m about to get em

fuck meta the gram reels tik tok, and
any platform that shadow bans real hip hop,
i’ve had it up to here with these effin fools, lemme
tell you what you can do with your 3 second rule, (eat a
dick), wanna see me hold your attention (watch this)
in a moment you’ll see yoda’s the trending topic, here’s to
you hope this offends your optics, i uploaded this to
DSPs just to stall your attempts to stop this i’ve
never been one to copy the crowd, because i chose to stay
authentic i’ve been flagged as a zombie account, got me
doin’ all this work for no likes comments or follows y’all can
take whatever comes outta my cock and then swallow try to
block me from shinin’ it’s not the day for it, we
about to go viral ain’t gotta wait for it, original
shit nothing bittin it’s not the place for it, yo if you’re
if you’re seein this right now, guess what, i paid for it